Passengers can park in the transient parking (initial 30 minutes are free) or across Surrey St. in Beaver Park. Vehicles are never again permitted to leave before the terminal and hang tight for travelers per TSA guidelines.

Lafayette Regional gives day by day, hourly, and economy parking. There is no charge for vehicles leaving inside 30 minutes of section into the present moment or long haul parking areas. Secured walkways to the terminal are given from three unique parcels. Stopping rates fluctuate and are liable to change (see rates beneath). Rates are posted at the passage doors of each part.

Short Term

At the short-term parking area at LFT, the first 0 to 30 minutes are allowed to all travelers at LFT, and after this time, the airport charges 31 to 60 minutes for $1.00, and each additional 30 minutes is $1.00 (up to 3.5 hrs). From 3.5 hours to 4 hours, the rate is $11.00, and from 4 hours – 24 hours, the parking fee is $12.00.

Long Term

Just as the short-term parking lot, the first 0 to 30 minutes at LFT is free. From 31 to 60 minutes, the cost is $2.00, and each additional hour is $2.00. The maximum for the long-term parking daily is $9.00.

Economy Lot

There is also the economy parking lot at LFT. It is free from 0 to 30 minutes. And the daily maximum at the economy parking lot costs $6.